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My Services

 Psychic Life Reading  $55`$75

Life, Love, Money, and Career... life's deepest questions. Want to go beyond accomplishing your dreams? Need solid non failing advice and the answers you seek?  Is Your Heart Broken? Are You Confused? Has Your Loved One Slipped Away From You? Are You Reaching A Dead End? Frustrated? Confused? Bad Things Happen To All Of Us, But Despite Of All Your Worries, There's No Need To Worry Alone! I am a powerful gifted psychic adviser helping people around the world find real answers.   I can read the energy of anyone or anything you are asking about and help you find your peace and happiness within any situation. So what do you want to create and attract? More money? True love? A healthy body? 


Psychic Love Life Reading  $55-$75

Has your lover/spouse become withdrawn and distant with out any reason or warning?  

Are you wondering if there is any way to start over or to get him/her back? I am a powerful and experienced love and relationship specialist. Broken relationships and love problems of all kinds are my specialty. I can reunite you with your loved one. Stop unwanted breakups / divorce. Remove the influence of the other man/women.  

I CAN and WILL help you no matter how difficult or complex your situation is. 

Find out if and when you will marry. I will tell you if he/she is your soul mate. 

Find out if the one you love is faithful. I can feel the thoughts and feelings of your significant other! 

Get clarity in your relationship. Allow me  to help you see beyond your own eyes.

Tarot Card Reading  $55-$75

The Tarot cards are read by an intuitive (psychic) person who is able to interpret the ancient symbols and also use a special sensitivity to tap into energies that surround the person and the issue presented. I can understand these various pieces of information and weave them together into a cohesive and interesting picture. A Tarot Psychic Reading on the Internet or over the phone is an efficient and effective way to glimpse into your future or better understand what is happening in some specific area of your life today.

Past Life Regression Readings $125

My clients have come from all parts of the world, from all walks of life, and all with many different issues to understand and transform. 

With my past life readings, I use past life information from any of your past lives, to help you unwind and dissolve any blockages that may be currently causing obstacles in your life. The information that comes through in my readings helps to transform physical problems, negative emotional states, places of impasse you may be experiencing, phobias, and heals and make peace with relationships that may be challenging or confusing, helping to move forward with more love, understanding and forgiveness. The visions that I am able to see allows you to transform and evolve in all areas of your life. 

Photo Readings  $20 Each

Photographs are looked at many times, but rarely looked into! Your photograph can hold a whole lot of information you probably never realized, not to mention energy. So what is a psychic photo reading and what can it tell you? The photo reading can help you “discover things about yourself or someone else”, like characteristics, behaviors, abilities and personality traits which may help you understand why you feel or act in certain ways.  

A psychic photo reading can also bring clarity and comfort to relationship issues or worries. It can help answer questions, uncover truths and guide you with decisions and choices.

You can submit a photo of yourself with someone else, a spouse or partner or someone else. The psychic photo reading offers guidance and can also be a connection to the spirit world. Send a clear photo with any information or questions you may have, along with your name to my email.  

Life Coaching & Adviser -Call for Rates 

I will help you cut through the noise and distractions of everyday living and focus on what you are really on this earth to get done? I will help you discover and fulfill your highest calling as a human being. It's not too late to take action. Even if the situation seems hopeless! 

Chakra Readings $125

In keeping with the Holistic approach to wellness, Chakra balancing addresses both the body and spirit. At one level, clearing the chakras heal the physical body by releasing stored blocks accumulated through a lifetime of traumas and negative experiences. Once these blocks are gone, the body can return to its original natural state of perfect health, and the results will be readily noticed