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Client Testimonials


Really fabulous! Definitely put my thoughts in order! The real deal- Very kind, sweet and super psychic! Thank you!!
My path is very confusing with both concerns about relationships and work. Jackie has definitely helped guide me on the right way to see things. She even saw things a year out for me that did truly come to pass. Very gifted lady and great to connect with. God Bless.
Absolutely amazing! Jackie definitely knows what she is doing. She lifted such a big weight off my shoulders and I couldn't be more thankful for her words and guidance. Sorry we got cut off! I truly appreciate her and I know who to go to for any help in the future. Money well spent. Thank you Jackie.
Jackie was honest and shed light on some aspects not easily can be seen. I enjoyed her reading, all made sense to me and my situation. For sure I recommend her.
Very helpful...in tune. Thank you.
Love her!!! She communicates eloquently, quickly and super spot on. Thank you Jackie! Xo.
Jackie, I want to thank you again for helping me through this situation. I hope things will change for the better very soon. Talk to you soon.
Cindy M.
Jackie was EXCELLENT!!!! I will definitely call her again.
Quick, insightful, in tune. She is a lovely reader and person. We accidentally got cut off and she followed up by email. I really appreciated her taking the time to do that. Ty for the additional follow up too. She has an amazing ability and hit the points on the head. Ty!
Anxious to see the results seem to have a good connection with her.
Was accurate, to the point, and gave good advice. Will call again with updates.
An absolute Gem. I was dazzled with this lady's reading. I have a gut wrenching reality to face. I already had suspicions and this lady confirmed them for me without being prompted. I have no doubt that she is correct with all of her insight.
Excellent as always.
Thank you!
very kind..thank you!!!
Awesome woman! She put my mind & heart at peace! Answered my questions and helped me gain clarity to my situation!! Thank you, Jackie! Highly recommend her!
Glenda P.